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We at WEBCOM E TRADE believe in delivering quality services and products. Ever since the inception of the organization, we have striven hard to achieve the highest echelon in the ladder of success. The company was launched with a VISION THAT IS FARSIGHTED AND A MISSION WHICH IS DEMANDING.

WEBCOM E TRADE started with a highly successful technical tool called “TRADE GOLDMINE”, this is a software which gives user-friendly BUY-SELL signals to end user in live trading markets in stocks, equities, indices, commodities, and forex. More than 10000 people have been using the software all over the world and have been making profits with the help of this amazing software tool. Riding on the success of this technical analysis tool, the company later launched an amazing software tool which is a completely automated trader popularly known as GOLD MAGIC ROBOT, this is algorithm-based trading which does not require any human intervention and works 24 hours on all trading days. The user does not require to keep his laptop or system on as the auto robot works on VPS (VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS) which is backed up with 100% electricity and internet.

The auto robot trader called a GOLD MAGIC ROBOT has been operational for the last 8 years and have been generating a decent amount of returns on a quarterly basis in GOLD trading. Taking the success in the right earnest company almost 4 years back launched an auto robot trader in a currency called a CURRENCY MAGIC ROBOT, this robot specializes in trade in currency and have been generating profits consistently.

Company has also launched robot trading in Indian stock market and indices but the product has been facing some of the technical hitches ever since it was launched. I do not recommend my clients to invest in the auto robot of WEBCOM E TRADE trading in stocks and equities.

All the above 3 products of WEBCOM E TRADE has been highly successful consistently for almost a decade now. People who have time and passion plus knowledge generally prefer TRADE GOLDMINE software and trade manually in stocks, equities, commodities, and currency. However, people with lack of knowledge and time prefers auto robot trading in GOLD & CURRENCY.

For more details, you can reach to the undersigned on ceo@webcomtechnologies.in