What is the share market trading?

First of all, share market trading it’s not a game in which you begin one day and start earning money right way. Second, it’s not a money-producing machine, in which you get a high return on investment quickly. Third, there’s no place for prediction; only experience and knowledge will work.

If you ask a trader, what is a bitter truth of the stock market, his answer would be, either you can earn or lose money. If you invest money randomly, without analyzing the performance of the stocks, you will face colossal loss, that’s why it is essential to learn the concept of the share market trading before jumping into it.

Never jump blindly into the share market

If you are thinking to beat the inflation of the share market and earn a better return of investment, then you need to update yourself with proper trading strategies before jumping into the stock market. Just because your friends and family influence you to earn passive income via stock market doesn’t mean you jump into it without knowing the facts and figures. If your reason to invest in the stock market just to impress your friends and family, then you have landed for the wrong reason. First understand what stock market is and how its works, then invest in it.

Trade only with loseable money

One of the common mistakes traders do that they invest more than they have. In the greed of earning money, either they borrow money from their friends and family, or they cut down the daily expenditure. In the event, if they lose money in trading, they feel themselves in a big debt. So, it is advisable to trade only with lose able money. One should save a certain amount from our monthly income for investment.

Start small

If you are beginners, then buy only one or two stocks during a session. To make your starting investment hustle days easier, it is better to start with a little money.If you get a better return of investment, it can build your confidence level and enable you to invest more.


Do you know how to beat the inflation of the stock market? No, let us tell you, by diversification. It is a technique that doesn’t only reduce the risk of losing money, but also maximize the returns of investment. Never invest money in one stock, always invest among various industries and other categories. Different types of stocks work differently by change in economic factors. If you make your portfolio diverse, you can offset the risk of losing money.

Learn how to use stop-loss

Another method to limit the loss is stop-loss. Its an advanced order given by the investors to sell the assets when it reaches to the particular point. Stop loss is known as a stop order; an investor instruct the broker or sell the securities when it reaches to a predetermined price. Let’s understand the concept of the stop-loss with this example, If you bought a stock of 200 and you limit the loss at 195, you can sell the stock when its price of the stocks come to 195. This technique is known as a stop-loss.

Don’t let emotions impact your investment

Emotion is your biggest hurdle when it comes to investment. Never let your emotions to ruin your investment strategies. Do not buy the stocks based on their past returns, review and analysis and then buy/sell. Needless to say, if you make investment decision under the influence of emotions, you are less likely to earn profit from the investment. There is a term in the stock market, the reverse aversion bias, which states that one poor investment decision based on emotions, can lead you significant loss. If you want to become a savvy investor, you have to control your emotions that will lead you to experience a loss.

Have realistic expectations

Hoping for the profit from the investment is not wrong, but you can experience trouble if your investment expectations are unrealistic. For instance, many shares have generated more than 100 per cent returns from the investment. It doesn’t imply that you should always expect the same profits from the stock market. To achieve financial goals, it is vital to analyze the stock and balanced portfolio. You have to read the current stock market news, and blogs to stay updated.

What’s make commodity trading difficult?

Avoiding fundamental aspects of commodity trading is very common among beginners. If they educate yourself with the utmost knowledge about the trading, they may get the profit from the investment. Leading your investment in the right direction is all about strategizing investment plan. Every investor has its own plan to get the best returns from the investment. Avoiding common mistakes while investing in commodities will help improve gains. It has been noticed that investors who rush blindly and invest without strategizing plan may face a huge loss. Fear, emotions, and anxiety are the common hurdles of the investment. If you know how to overcome these hurdles, you can become a savvy investor. The prices of oil and metals are very volatile; that’s the reason why investors avoid investing in commodities. To offset the risk, you can also take the help of Robo advisory, who will guide you which stock to buy or sell and reduce the market risk.

An ideal approach to invest in commodities is through a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell commodities at a set price. Commodity markets tremendously affect the economy and the life of people. In spite of the fact demand-supply behind the price volatility, geopolitical issues, economic growth and price volatility. The prices of oil and metals are very volatile; that’s the reason why investors avoid investing in commodities.

Final Say:

We hope this blog will be useful for you. If you are thinking to jump into the share market trading, then first learn stock share training basics and then start with buying small stocks. You can also attend the seminar and online course of the stock market, from where you will get brief of the stock market.